Licensed Public Adjuster – Texas

When you have a claim, will the scales be tilted in your favor or against you?  In a perfect world the scales would be perfectly balanced. 

But we all know we don’t live in a perfect world. 

scale 3

If you are a named insured on a property policy (home, renter, landlord, commercial) policy in the state of Texas, unless you have an attorney or a Public Adjuster representing you during a claim you are at the mercy of the insurance company to properly and fairly pay you for any covered damages.   Your agent, the agency owner, the company adjuster and even an independent adjuster all have a fiduciary responsibility to the insurance carrier.  Many insurance companies have BILLIONS of dollars in assets, thousands of employees, teams of attorneys and decades of experience.  And they wrote the rules to the policy you are insured under.  Quite possibly they have an advantage over the average policy holder.

To find out more about Public Adjusters and how they work click here –   and scroll down slightly to view a short whiteboard sketch.

You may also view this short video presentation to find out more about Public Adjusters and Abba Claims Consultants, LLC.



I’m excited to announce that I have chosen to work with Abba Claims Consultants, LLC out of Dallas.  Their team has decades of experience in the insurance industry and helped literally thousands of clients work through the claim process.

Abba Claims Consultants, LLC
3102 Maple Ave. Ste. #400
Dallas, TX  75201
Office: (214) 501-0598
Fax:     (972) 591-5640
Cell:     (817) 320-5258

James Brown – Texas Public Adjuster License #2386736

Abba Claims Consultants, LLC – Texas Public Adjuster License #2003555